e-Government and ICT Summit

The Gauteng Department e-Government hosted the
e-Government and ICT Summit on 2 – 3 November 2015 and showcased what the provincial government has achieved to date and to share future plans. The Summit also identified areas of collaboration and direct investment by both public and business sector within the framework of the Transformation, Modernisation, and Re-industrialisation (TMR) programme. One of the focus sessions dealt with e-Transport and was addressed by MEC for Transport in Gauteng, Dr Ismail Vadi. ITS South Africa also made presentations. Click here to read more.

Public Transport Best Practice Workshop

The UATP and Transport for Cape Town hosted a successful workshop on Public Transport Best Practice. In addition to the many presentations across different sessions, delegates also benefitted from several site visits to gain first-hand experience of the public transport operations in the Mother City. Click here to read more.

Candidate Available

An experienced project manager with skills in Transport Planning, Public Transport Strategy Development, Master Planning, Project Management and Risk Management is looking for new challenges.

As project manager experience has been gained in various roles as part of multi-disciplinary teams and on various infrastructure projects, which include building and transportation projects. He has a good understanding of the contract administration, especially Public-Private Partnerships and economic development requirements as part of the contract arrangements. He further has gained experience of working and coordinating outputs during the construction phase of greenfields projects and working with the contractors, as well as other professional teams.

As part of the roles and function of project manager, he understands the requirements of the Public-Private Partnership process. In the Gautrain Rapid Rail Project and renewable energy project economic development was a major focus area and experience was gained in terms of the contract negotiations, implementation and monitoring of these economic development requirements in these projects.

He has also gained experience in corporate tendering processes over the past few years, with the clients being government departments (national and provincial) as well as government agencies.

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ITS Europe Congress - Submissions are Open

The European Programme Committee has announced that the Call for Technical, Scientific, and Commercial papers is now open. Authors can submit their Technical and Scientific Papers for either traditional presentations or interactive sessions. Authors intending to be considered for the Commercial Papers category can submit their paper for a commercial theatre session.

Topics, guidelines and requirements for all paper categories can be found in the Call for Papers brochure.

ITS experts are also welcome to submit Special Interest Session proposals for the programme of the ITS European Congress.

The deadline to submit your Paper or your Special Interest Session proposal is 13 January 2016.

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ITS World Congress - Submissions are Open

ITS World Congress - Submissions are Open The 23rd ITS World Congress to be held in Melbourne on 10 - 14 October 2016 now invite you to submit your papers for review.

Scientific Papers
Scientific Papers should concentrate on research and scholarships as they will be independently refereed in accordance with academic journal standards. Full papers of up to 12 pages will be required.

Technical Papers
Technical Papers may address the institutional, business, societal and economic aspects of ITS, as well as technical subjects. Draft papers of up to 3 pages will be required.

Special Interest Session Proposals
A limited number of Special Interest Sessions will be included in the program. Organised at the request of organisations or experts developing and deploying ITS, these interactive, tailor-made sessions will delve into topics and offer fresh perspectives and insight.

The pressure for Special Interest Session slots has been steadily increasing and we are now overbid by at least 3-to-1. To ensure as wide a range of Sessions as possible, and to give an equal opportunity to all potential bidders, the IPC has reluctantly decided that the criteria for selection must be tightened. Full details are explained in the Call for Papers Brochure.

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New Member

ITS South Africa is honoured to welcome several new members.

Portfolio Committee on Transport, Parliament

The National Assembly appoints from among its members a number of Portfolio Committees to shadow the work of the various national government departments.

The role of the Portfolio Committee is to:

  • consider Bills,
  • deal with departmental budget votes,
  • oversee the work of the department they are responsible for, and enquire and make recommendations about any aspect of the department, including its structure, functioning and policy.

The work of Committees is not restricted to government. They may investigate any matter of public interest that falls within their area of responsibility. There is a Portfolio Committee for each national Ministry and its associated government department/s.

Advanced Works International

The company specialises in designing or modifying designs to create workable products from basic customer ideas. Using our expertise in design for manufacturing, we are able to design and develop products or improve existing products for our customers that can be introduced seamlessly into a production environments ensuring quick return on investment.

Our team has extensive experience in product development for the Aero Space, Automotive, Transport, Industrial, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG ) and consumer product industry.

AWXI is consulting to a Belgium company involved in the Gibela / Alstom trainset project to PRASA. They are represented by Kobus Engelbrecht. Contact him at kobus@awxi.co.za or visit www.awxi.co.za

Schedule Masters, Inc.

Schedule Masters, Inc. Schedule Masters Inc. is a Global Transit Technology Company. It was formed in 1991 to provide Windows-based Scheduling and Runcutting tools to the Public Transit Industry. Since then, we've improved upon our product many times, with the addition of our Trip Planning, Customer Comment, and multiple Rostering modules. Please see Our Clients for installation details. We are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and easy-to-use software to Public Transit systems worldwide. For more information please contact David Reed at d.reed@themasterscheduler.com or visit http://themasterscheduler.com/

TETI Traffic

Teti Traffic, formed by Efkon SA, IBI and Lehumo has won a five-year contract to install and operate an intelligent transportation system (ITS) on freeways in South Africa. The contract was awarded by the South African National Road Agency (SANRAL). TETI is represented by Wonga Mancotywa. You can contact him at wonga.mancotywa@teti.co.za or visit http://www.teti.co.za.