User Expectations and ITS ConOps

You are cordially invited to a Members Meeting in Gauteng on 16 November 2016. It will center on research done by Prof Christo Venter of UP. The study forms part of the Johannesburg’s Integrated Public Transport Network strategy to guide the future deployment of its BRT system and its related services. The topic of the briefing is "What users want from public transport: Experiments in user preference and choice, and potential implications for ITS."

The study that such systems in South Africa generally have lower passenger demand, poorer financial performance and higher subsidy requirements than initially forecast. An important finding of the study is that potential passengers show a low willingness to pay for enhancements to Rea Vaya.

In the light of big cost-reduction pushes and a call for “ITS Light” it is worth our while to take note of the views of our (end) customers in developing and/or refining the ITS ConOps for the IRTPN systems in operation or under development.

Given the November is typically a busy month the Members Meeting will take the form of a Breakfast Briefing. Venue in Pretoria to be confirmed.

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i-Transport Sponsors and Exhibitors

i-Transport 2017 will be co-hosted by ITS South Africa, the African Chapter of the International Public Transport Association (UATP) and ITS Africa on 14-16 February 2017 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The theme "Future of Public Transport: Go Green – Go Smart" reflects the need to improve transport efficiencies, to reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector and to encourage modal shifts.

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Remember that those that pitch up and participate determine the outcomes!

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Award for Outstanding Achievement

The ITS Industry in South Africa has grown exponentially over the past number of years and several notable and innovative projects have been implemented, raising the ITS Industry to a new level of benchmarking.

ITS South Africa has decided to introduce a bi-annual award be made titled "Outstanding Achievement in the ITS industry in South Africa". The first award will be for projects that have been completed and became operational in the period July 2014 to June 2016.

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Member News

Long-Term Plan to Link All Gauteng Metros By Rail On the Cards
The Gautrain Agency responsible for Gautrain operations is looking to expand and connect all of Gauteng's metros, the Select Committee on Economic and Business Development and the Select Committee on Trade and International Relations heard on Wednesday. Gautrain Chief Executive Officer, Mr Jack van der Merwe, told the Committee that there is a plan to expand operations in the future to link all of Johannesburg. Click here to read more:

Data Workshop Looks At Data Processes To Close Business Gaps

Geospatial data company AfriGIS’s second quarter Data and Spatial Workshop in June 2016 looked at monitoring and reporting as the final elements in a spatial information strategy framework. Previous elements in the series included data, hardware, software and other aspects.

With data being its central focus, AfriGIS’s Christopher Ueckermann highlighted additions and updates to the company’s own datasets. Ueckermann also explained that the confidence level of data entries is updated at each round, which denotes their accuracy.

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GOMETRO has Big Plans for City Commuters
GoMetro has been doing some fantastic work over the last couple of years providing South African commuters with regular updates on public transport. It provides service updates and route information to Metrorail, Golden Arrow buses, MyCiTi buses in Cape Town, Gauteng Rapid Rail and Johannesburg’s Rea Vaya buses. To tack on to that, it also provides live traffic information for road users.

Recently, GoMetro unveiled its latest offering: the Flexible Mobility Platform. Essentially it combines everything GoMetro has to offer into one, giving commuters and businesses a one-stop opportunity to organise their inner-city travel. To read more:

TomTom helps Sasol solar challenge team
Through its flagship products, TomTom will support Nuon Solar Team when it participates in the yearly Sasol Solar Challenge. The Dutch team won last year’s overall competition, the World Solar Challenge. To read more:

Collecting Accurate and Standardised Data
Collecting accurate, standardised data is one of the main challenges in further developing public transport – especially in rapidly developing countries and urban areas. This information is often an essential factor in improving and planning new services and infrastructure.

In order to get a better idea of this unique challenge and the possible solutions, we spoke to Devin de Vries, co-founder of WhereIsMyTransport, a company in Cape Town, South Africa that is specialised in public transport data. To read more:

New Members

Synapt Group
ITS South Africa is proud to welcome Synapt Group as a new member. Synapt are business creators, builders and fixers and the team has strong experience in ITS and related fields. Synapt says our purpose is to develop businesses of substance of which we can be proud. We do this by:
  • Developing new business ideas from proof-of-concept to a sustainable level
  • Acquiring or partnering in distressed or healthy businesses that show particular promise or will complement others
  • Partnering with other investors/businesses to develop opportunities or troubleshoot problems, taking a stake in the success.

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