Call for Nominations for the Board of Directors

Members are cordially invited to nominate candidates for election to the Board of Directors. The Board consists of nine members, and the CEO, with an ideal split of 5 representing the private sector and 4 representing the public sector. Half of the Board retires annually (to effect renewal) and half serves a second term (to ensure continuity).

The Vice President (Wim Ferreira, Techso) succeeds the President (Dr Andrew Aucamp, eThekwini Transport Authority).

Board Members serving a second term are Patrick Moodley (Siemens), Glen Pillay (TSA) and Bernard Oosthuizen (Transport for Cape Town). They are hence elected by default.

Board Members whose terms expire this year are (Dr Andrew Aucamp, ETA), Tommie Snyman (Ekurhuleni Metro), Marius Barnard (Syntell) and Ivan Reutener (RHDHV) and Wilson Batista (Johannesburg Roads Agency).

Retiring Board Members may stand for re-election.

This leaves 5 vacancies to be filled, 3 from the public sector and 2 from the private sector.

To nominate a candidate for election to the ITS South Africa Board of Directors, please click here to download the nomination form. Nominations will close EoB on 17 August 2016.

Board members are required to promote the vision and mission of ITS South Africa ad support the CEO in implementing the ITSSA strategy and action plans and to serve in accordance for the conventional requirements of the Companies Act and promote good corporate governance as embodied in the Board Charter. Click here to read or download the Board Charter.

Keynote Speaker on Smart Mobility
and Internet of Things

The keynote speaker at the AGM is Tim Gammons from Arup in the UK. Tim is Director: Smarter Mobility and ITS for the Group and a frequent visitor to South Africa. The topic is International Drivers for ITS and Smart Mobility.

"Intelligent Transport and wider smart city initiatives are being funded by government bodies. These organisations are looking for a combination of advice and the implementation of new technology systems to solve the issues they face," said Tim on the recent launch of the collaboration between Arup and mobile technology research and development company InterDigital. The focus will be on the development of IoT-based solutions for Intelligent Transport and Smarter Mobility.

Tim Gammons, Arup

The AGM will take place on Wednesday 24 August 2016 as a breakfast session and will be hosted by Siemens at the Siemens Head Office complex in Midrand.

Click here to register.
Attendance is free, but registration is essential.

Proudly hosted by Siemens
Registration Open
Big Data and Smart Cities:
ITS as enabler for Smart Mobility

Data has become available in abundance - after years of bemoaning the lack of more and better transport data for planning and improving operations. The sheer pervasiveness of the data generated in our digital world has now created new solutions but also challenges on how to store, secure, mine and use the ubiquitous data we generate by the second!

It introduces multiple issues for which we have to develop answers - sooner rather than later.

Issues range from policy and institutional to the operational level: What are the policy vacuums, how will we deal with concerns about protecting privacy and cyber security, where and how will data be warehoused, how will institutions collaborate and how do we share access to data?

These are some of the questions that we need to explore, and urgently.

ITS South Africa is hosting a workshop and Big Data for Smart Cities/Smart Mobility on 29 September 2016 in Cape Town.

We cordially invite members and interested parties to participate. The deadline to register is Wednesday 21 September 2016.


Proudly Sponsored by Syntell
Outstanding Achievement in the ITS Industry
in South Africa

The ITS Industry in South Africa has grown exponentially over the past number of years and several notable and innovative projects have been implemented, raising the ITS Industry to a new level of benchmarking.

ITS South Africa has decided to introduce a bi-annual award be made titled "Outstanding Achievement in the ITS industry in South Africa". The first award will be for projects that have been completed and became operational in the period July 2014 to June 2016.

The award will be made at the Gala Dinner of the International i-Transport Go Green-Go Smart Conference and Exhibition which is co-hosted by ITS South Africa, the UATP and ITS Africa in February 2017.

Nominations can include the following:

  • A project or product including a system or an application that has been implemented in a public, business or academic environment
  • Academic or company research and development
The award will be judged on the following attributes:
  • International significance
  • National significance
  • Significance to the ITS industry
  • Sustainability in transport
  • Cost effectiveness and efficiency in transport (enhance the quality of the transport users' experience)
  • Innovation
  • Safety
Awards submissions must demonstrate:
  • Original or innovative use of existing technologies,
  • Development of new technologies, products or equipment,
  • Technical value to road development industry,
  • Cost and efficiency considerations,
  • Contributions to social and economic concerns and
  • Replication capability among other criteria.
Entries will be judged by a panel consisting of:
  • A Past President of ITS South Africa
  • Two independent ITS industry representatives (who’ll be appointed by the Board and who must have no links to the project/entity entered for the award) of which one should preferably be international
  • Ex officio the CEO of ITS South Africa who’ll be a non-voting member of the panel.

The project, product or research can only be submitted once. The award will be made to a company or a joint venture and not to an individual. ITSSA will issue a certificate to the winner of the award.

The review panel also has the discretion to recognise submissions that do not win an award, yet nevertheless show exceptional merit.

To minimise the time and effort required to submit an entry, a to-the-point template will be used, with the option to submit additional information in support.

We cordially invite you to submit your entry for Outstanding Achievement in the ITS industry in South Africa. The deadline for submissions is on 31 October 2016.

Click here to complete the online submission template.

Update your Business Opportunity Contact Details

In support of our members, ITS South Africa expanded our Members Directory to include an Industry Sector listing to complement the alphabetical listing. Please click here to access the Member Directory.

If you have responded to the earlier request to identify the Industry Sectors in which you are active, it will be reflected in the Member Directory. If you have not yet replied, please click here to update your information for inclusion.


Course on Operations of Transport Networks

Efficient management of the operational environment is a key ingredient of transport network performance. Interagency coordination is another critical aspect of seamless operations.

The Stellenbosch University is offering a course on Operations of Transport Networks on 27-28 July 2016. The course will endeavour to address key areas that will assist in improving overall performance levels in the transport operational environment. Click here for more information.

Multidisciplinary Skills Available

Member companies and authorities are finding that more and more they need a multi-disciplinary approach to solve the complex challenges of delivering Smart Mobility solutions. If you are looking for additional skills, please see the CVs below:

Invitation for sponsors and exhibitors
for i-Transport

i-Transport 2017 will be co-hosted by ITS South Africa, the African Chapter of the International Public Transport Association (UATP) and ITS Africa on 14-16 February 2017 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The theme "Future of Public Transport: Go Green – Go Smart" reflects the need to improve transport efficiencies, to reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector and to encourage modal shifts.

For more detail about the exhibition, please click here

For more detail about partnership packages, please click here

Remember that those that pitch up and participate determine the outcomes!

Please visit or contact

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